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3140 Chantelle, France

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Beninio v. Zeitschelhof

24/4/04 - 13/01/09

Just before Christmas NIO became ill.  At first the vets thought he might have swallowed something so xrays were taken of his stomach…..Nothing.showed so another xray on his chest revealed that his lungs were filled with fluid  and he was diagnosed with pneumonia.  Bloods were taken and these came back as negative for cancer or tumours (although alittle anaemic)….  He was given the very best of care and medication and  he seemed to respond ….He had a few ups and downs but eventually seemed to get his appetite back and start the road to recovery…


After a few days  NIO stopped eating .  This had happened before so it was just a case of watching him and trying to tempt him with something very tasty…The following evening and during the night he became very quiet and I knew that he was getting worse.   During the night he either lay down and hardly moved…or stood head lowered standing and not moving.  All I could do was hold his head in my lap and stroke him all over.


The morning came and he managed a slow walk around the garden.  He had a nice long pee, sniffed around abit and then I brought him back inside.  His tail still wagged and I gave my big beautiful boy another big hug and tummy rub.  I had a  vets appointment  booked so off we went. 


At the vets she could see how much worse he had become and from her examination she told me that he was gravely ill and his body was failing ….I knew in my heart that he had suffered enough and the vet agreed that nothing more could be done….I sat with him stroking his big beautiful head while she gave him a sedative injection.  I was then left with him while he lay quietly sleeping  so I could say my goodbyes.  Everyone who has lost a dog knows what I went through and I will leave it at that.


After I left, NIO was euthanised.


 He will return to me in a lovely casket where I will find a special place for him overlooking the beautiful forest where he used to walk.


I thank everyone for their kinds words and support.


He was an amazing dog who looked like a lion and had the presence of a king!


Rest in Peace my big boy and I will meet you again someday…..

Photo below of Nio at the French Club Show Oct 08 where he gained 3rd Place Open Male


Rest in Peace my beautiful Scarley
Euthanised because of stomach cancer
Sept 2002 - 09

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