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International Leonberger Database  

  (hits: 324 ) [23-08-2006]

The most comprehensive Leo Database online with well ove 76,000 entries.
Leonberger Club of Germany  

  (hits: 306 ) [02-03-2005]

Go on..Click and learn the language..lots of info on stud dogs, litters etc.,
International Leonberger Union  

  (hits: 317 ) [02-03-2005]

Worldwide Official Site
Leonberger Club of UK  

  (hits: 481 ) [02-03-2005]

Official Site for UK
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Bavaruki Just Enough (Enous's Blog Page)  

  (hits: 214 ) [04-03-2010]

Enou lives in France and is one of the pups frm Jem and Uras..A very big lad who excels at waterwork..
Anglorose Leos..New Zealand  

  (hits: 138 ) [04-03-2010]

Home to Leonbergers Iceni and Celtic

  (hits: 156 ) [05-06-2009]

Dog breeder Web Directory
Leonbergers of Russia  

  (hits: 157 ) [28-01-2009]

New website from Russia
Vectiseleon Leonbergers UK  

  (hits: 381 ) [30-04-2008]

Leonberger Breeder/Boarding Kennels based in Staffordshire, UK
leonberger Ensson Bohemia Kennel  

  (hits: 148 ) [15-03-2008]

leonberger Ensson Bohemia Kennel
Leonbergers Le Pli du Soleil  

  (hits: 294 ) [18-07-2007]

Excellent Website..Giving lots of info on Show Results and Stud Dogs in France
Sancholees leonbergers  

  (hits: 219 ) [03-01-2007]

All about our Leo's in the UK
Leonburns Leonbergers New Zealand  

  (hits: 154 ) [01-12-2006]

Breeders of fine imported leonbergers in the South Island of New Zealand
Du Dolmen de Nouzet  

  (hits: 171 ) [03-11-2006]

Leonmoor Leonbergers  

  (hits: 313 ) [14-07-2006]

Bavaruki Storm and Thunder live here
Ensson Bohemia  

  (hits: 184 ) [30-05-2006]

Leonberger - Ensson Bohemia
Les Leonberg des Neiges de Chantelouve  

  (hits: 229 ) [12-10-2005]

Our passion since 1965 and 26 years with ours Leonberger: babies and old leonberger, our life with ours dogs...
Vallee-Azura Leonbergers France  

  (hits: 239 ) [23-09-2005]

French Leonberger Breeder

  (hits: 360 ) [31-07-2005]

New Site with links to Leo Breeders World Wide -Advertising Stud Dogs and Puppies Available

  (hits: 189 ) [14-06-2005]

Leonbergers from Czech Republic
NEW World DATABASE for Leonbergers.....  

  (hits: 291 ) [03-06-2005]

Lionscourt Leonbergers  

  (hits: 296 ) [30-05-2005]

Kennel in UK
Zaricke Udoli CZ  

  (hits: 200 ) [26-04-2005]

Leonberger Breeder in CZ
Leovanna Leonbergers  

  (hits: 209 ) [12-04-2005]

Leos from Leovanna, UK
Zeitschelhof Leonbergers Germany  

  (hits: 257 ) [29-03-2005]

This is the breeder whom I bought Nio from
Barney v.d. Johann Adams-Muhle  

  (hits: 341 ) [02-03-2005]

I just love this Dog...I took my female Elza to him but she remained empty!!..So instead I bought in a Son of Barney...NIO!!
Jantonely Leonbergers UK  

  (hits: 556 ) [02-03-2005]

Leonberger breeder UK...Click to see offspring of Vidocq and also his Grandchildren
Leonius Leonbergers UK  

  (hits: 317 ) [02-03-2005]

Glenbrindy Leonbergers UK  

  (hits: 324 ) [02-03-2005]

Click to see offspring of Brindy and Vidocq..
Leonberger Stud Book UK  

  (hits: 260 ) [02-03-2005]

A UK Leonberger Database - Has alot of information/Go Surf and See
Mandazz Leonbergers  

  (hits: 266 ) [02-03-2005]

Leonberger Breeders in Wales, UK
Yarnousch Leonbergers NL  

  (hits: 243 ) [02-03-2005]

Leo Gazette  

  (hits: 266 ) [02-03-2005]

Surf this one out..lots of interesting Leo info..Check out the past editions since..?? Compulsive cyber surfing for Leo fanatics...
Nagybobanya Leonbergers NL and France  

  (hits: 196 ) [02-03-2005]

Leonberger Data Base  

  (hits: 179 ) [02-03-2005]

Although this site is no longer updated..It still holds alot of valuable information regards Leonberger ancestory..Work it!!
Leonberger Route  

  (hits: 349 ) [02-03-2005]

Love this site..If this is your first time expect to spend hours surfin the World of Leos
German Kennel Lowe von Osning  

  (hits: 202 ) [02-03-2005]

Barney (my fav) Has sown his seeds here and produced some lovely Offspring (his lover is Bukit. VIP)..Check it out!!
Loewe von Walhall German Kennel  

  (hits: 264 ) [02-03-2005]

Lowe von Gut Eiferslohn German Kennel  

  (hits: 311 ) [20-11-2004]

This is where Diva was born and raised until she obtained her Pet Passport for UK
Arcanine Leonbergers UK  

  (hits: 512 ) [10-10-2004]

Leonbergers of Arcanine Leo's UK
Maskenmane Leonbergers  

  (hits: 250 ) [08-09-2004]

Maskenmane Leonbergers Lancashire
Leonbergers uit 't Berggat  

  (hits: 248 ) [08-09-2004]

The home where Kiserdei Vidocq was raised by his dad and the rest of the family.
Kennel Leodania  

  (hits: 234 ) [23-07-2004]

Kennel in Denmark with Leonbergers, owned by Randi Plesner
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  (hits: 196 ) [23-07-2004]

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